MARINA SHEPELSKYBiography of Marina Shepelsky, Esq.

Attorney MARINA SHEPELSKY has a deep-seated interest in the immigration and family law and helping families, businesses and individuals in realizing their dream of coming to America, legalizing their status in America, and resolving difficult family situations in peace. Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C. lead by Ms. Shepelsky is a multi-practice firm and covers several areas of law.
Ms. Shepelsky was born in Kiev, Ukraine in the former Soviet Union. She immigrated to the United States along with her parents and maternal grandmother in 1989 when she was only 12 years old. She is fluent in the Russian and Ukrainian languages and has lived in New York City since then.

Ms. Shepelsky attended South Shore High School in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from New York University (NYU) College of Arts and Science with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Biology, with minors in Chemistry and Linguistics in 1998, in the top 15% of her class. Ms. Shepelsky studied science and medical subjects as a college student.

Ms. Shepelsky then attended Fordham University Law School in New York City where she earned her J.D. degree in the top ranks of her law school class in 2002. She was an associate editor of the Fordham Environmental Law Journal.

Ms. Shepelsky is admitted to the New Jersey State Bar since 2002, New York State Bar since 2003, admitted to appear before Immigration Courts in all states of U.S., the U.S. District Court for Eastern District of New York since 2004, and to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit since 2010.

Ms. Shepelsky founded her law firm Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky in 2004. She employs Attorney Bradley T. Shumaker, Esq. as her associate, and her paralegal Natalia Vozneac is a foreign law graduate awaiting admission after completing her Master of Law degree in NY.

Ms. Shepelsky currently lives in Staten Island, New York with her 3 daughters and 4 fish. Her youngest two daughters are fraternal twins.

As a former immigrant herself, Ms. Shepelsky has an acute understanding of the issues faced by her immigrant clients – she has walked in their shoes. She founded her practice, Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C., when she realized that there exists a strong need for expert and caring immigration lawyers with a deep understanding of the law and of people’s problems in navigating the system.

Ms. Shepelsky understands that immigrants need a lawyer that will be an expert in the legal field and can sympathize with their frustrations and problems with an insider’s perspective.
As a divorce and family practitioner, Ms. Shepelsky ensures her clients’ rights are protected, they get a fair chance in the court system, and that their divorce or separation is as painless as the circumstances allow on the family and the children involved.
The attorneys and staff of Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C. work in the community to assist in resolving legal issues in a host of practice areas, under Ms. Shepelsky’s tutelage. They are a srong team.

In addition to running her law practice, Ms. Shepelsky has become an important commentator contributing to the National dialogue on immigration. She offers a unique perspective as a first-
generation American addressing Capitol Hill’s urgency to reform immigration by highlighting the beneficial necessities immigrants provide as an important building block of the United States. Ms. Shepelsky provides insightful, entertaining and relevant commentary on the complexities of reforming immigration in the United States.
Furthermore, Ms. Shepelsky leads seminars on the issues of domestic violence, family law and women’s legal issues. She often contributes to social media outlets with “How To” articles and videos about Divorce and Family Law.

Ms. Shepelsky also does pro-bono work for a multi-location half-way house organization (post-prison transitional facilities) and for a charitable organization that benefits children with cancer called the Diana Bagrationi Foundation in New York.

This is how Marina Shepelsky talks about herself:
Why I do what I do… I love people, and especially immigrants. I see myself in every one of them. Their colorful lives, perseverance, overcoming the challenges of a new culture and new language, strong minds, and courage. Their lives together make America a vibrant unbeatable country. I also love solving people’s life problems and getting them to a good place in their lives – from legalizing their status, to getting over a difficult divorce, buying their dream house or winning a complex court battle.
My favorite place on Earth… Home, with my children, my parents and grandma.
My most fervent wish is… To learn Spanish
The best advice I ever got… Life is a long journey, not a destination. Every person has their own story and what you hear is not always what they intend to communicate.
Who I’m following on Twitter/Instagram… The White House.
The music I jam out to when I am driving home… Latin dance music, Enrique Iglesias
The time I felt most alive… When I had my twin girls.
My guilty pleasure… Zumba dance classes – 4 times per week.
If I were not doing this, I would… Be drinking white wine and eating oysters at a beach front restaurant with white sand on my feet and ocean smell in my hair.